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Office Communication in Healthcare

Office communication must be direct, sincere, and accurate. Communication must also be done in a way that creates value for the patient (or customer). Identifying bad communication will help show steps that should not be taken in the future.

You are training a new member of the medical team. Your boss has stressed to you that it is important for all new employees to understand ineffective communication and its outcomes. Give 2 examples of ineffective communication that could result in bad customer service in a medical office.Discuss strategies for overcoming perceived service issues.

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An example of ineffective communication that can result in bad customer service in a medical office, would be a situation where a doctor or other healthcare professional uses highly sophisticated medical terminology in communicating a patient's health care issue to them. The patient likely has very little understanding of the pertinent message that the healthcare professional is communicating to them, which will invariably lead to frustration within the patient, and a lack of knowledge of the true nature of his or her health care issue. This in essence, is a case of bad customer service to the patient or ...

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This solution is comprised of a 382 word response which details the affect of ineffective communication in a healthcare setting. Examples of this type of communication having a negative impact, as well as how this can be overcome, are discussed.