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    Planning Better Health for the Future

    i) The National Center for Health Statistics has established the Healthy People 2010 for tracking the nation's health. Access the Web site and locate the 28 focus areas. Write apaper identifying the top 10 areas that you would consider the most important to address if budgetary restraints limited the study.

    (1) What are the areas?

    (2) Why did you choose these areas?

    (3) How would you develop a program and present it to an individual and a community?

    (4) Discuss the impact of failure to achieve the goals of the chosen focus areas.

    h http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/
    here is the web site

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    According to the Centers for Disease Control's Healthy People 2010, there are 28 Focus Areas at a Glance that need addressed. If one was to focus on ten of them with plans to proverbially "kill with one stone" for budgetary reasons, the Focus Areas should be chosen based on their ability to intertwine; in other words, similar interventions could be initiated because of their ability to affect multiple focus areas. The Focus Areas chosen should be as follows (in random order):
    1. Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Back Conditions
    2. Diabetes
    3. Disability and Secondary Conditions
    4. Health Communication
    5. Heart Disease and Stroke
    6. Immunizations and Infectious Diseases
    7. Nutrition and Overweight
    8. Physical Activity and Fitness
    9. Respiratory Diseases
    10. Tobacco Use

    Health Communication is the primary topic. The healthcare provider should be educated and encouraged to communicate to the public about Nutrition and Overweight and Physical Activity & Fitness. The general population needs to learn not only about the health benefits of proper nutrition and physical activity, but also the simplicity of it?simple communications with the healthcare provider, or via television and magazine advertising, could educate the public to rinse the fat off their ground beef after cooking it in the skillet and encourage riding a bike instead of driving short distances. These things could easily promote a ...

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