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Changing the Nature of America's Demographics

Given the changing nature of America's demographics, name at least three products that will face increasing demand and three that will face declining demand. Explain your reasoning.

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I will base my analysis on this article:

One major trend in the American demographics is the fact that the population is aging. Since less people are having babies in order to keep the population young, over time, there will be more and more elderly people.

So, given this change, one product that will face an increase in demand is NURSING HOMES. As people age, they will need places to live that can provide them with either an autonomous life, or, as their health decreases, they can then opt to sign up for nursing care. More elderly people means an increase demand for spaces to accommodate them.

According to the article, America is also becoming more ethnically diverse. This is due to the increase in immigration. As well, people are immigrating from countries other then what has typically been seen in the past. ...

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