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Creating a Diversity Training Manual.

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Diversity Training Manual: Part II

As the new human resources manager, you are now ready to complete the next section of a diversity training manual that is targeted at making your workforce supervisors more aware of current racial diversity issues (e.g., the dramatic increase in the Hispanic percentage of the workforce) and how the supervisors should address them. The goal is to reduce potential tensions in the workplace among employees of different races.

Part II is to be titled, Historical Issues of Different Races in the Workplace and How to Handle Them.

This section should discuss the following:

Different races now or likely to be in the workforce of the future, based on the U.S. populations racial demographic changes.
Particular issues that create tensions among the different groups.
How supervisors need to address these issues that could potentially cause tension.

Deliverable Length: 500-750 words

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Solution Summary

THis solution discusses creating a diversity training manual, it addresses how different races will impact the workplace dynamics, and particular issues that create tensions among the different groups. It discusses how supervisors need to address these issues that could potentially cause tension. APA references are included.

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Workplace demographics are rapidly changing to reflect U.S. racial demographic changes. Soon, women, minorities and immigrants will "constitute about 85 percent of the new entrants into the work force" (Hudson Institute, n.d.). There is a need to manage diversity in the workplace to avoid discrimination, harassment, and prejudice.

America's workforce is changing. The United States Department of Labor (2012) reports that the U.S. population will grow 50 percent in the next fifty years. Two-thirds of the projected population increase will be due to immigration. The largest groups of immigrants are arriving from Mexico, China, India, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2011). The population make up will also dramatically change. In 1995, 73.6 percent of Americans were white, 12.0 percent black, 10.2 percent of Hispanic origin, 3.3 percent Asian and Pacific Islander, and 0.7 percent American Indian. By 2050, it is projected 52.8 percent will be white, 24.5 percent will be of Hispanic ...

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