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    Creating Corporate Training

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    As the corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company, you have been tasked with creating a revised new hire training session and manual.

    What tools would you need to be equipped with in order to fulfill this task?

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    Corporate training involves both accuracy of information and creativity in information presentation. Once training is completed, information/manual needs to be readily available to the employees, as a reference. As the corporate trainer for a Fortune 500 company, I would start my revision of the new hire training session and manual, by focusing on the current information, and the potential new information that needs to be included. Moreover, I would review the training style used to deliver the information, to see if there is a more effective way that it could be done.

    There are different tools required for information accuracy and information presentation (structure of the training).

    Information needs to be both accurate and relevant to the job or organization's culture. Manual needs to include detailed information about the ...

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    This solution expalins what tools one needs to be equipped with in order to revise a new hire training program and training manual