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    Trends and training

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    Go online and research the future trends relative to the field of training and development. Discuss your findings. Some questions to consider are:

    What predictions do you find?

    Based on future social, economic, political, or technological factors, what additional trends do you think will influence training?

    What can today's training and development/Human Resource professionals do to prepare their organizations for the future of training and development?

    What can today's training and development/HR professionals do to prepare themselves for the future requirements of training and development?

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    The trends in training and development are fast moving into the age of the computer and internet. Education and training programs are being offered online in general with degree programs formerly found only classrooms, now online staples. Other training is done in house through multimedia technology. Specialized programs can be offered through a variety of schools, companies, and colleges without having to be in the same city or even the same country. Programs such as WEBCT and BLACKBOARD are making online teaching and training the new norm for companies looking to turn over training to outside interests, or outsourcing.

    The human resources professional has to know that the training options are changing and making themselves aware of the opportunities out there is a first order or priority. Any in house created programs can have components that are accessible off the premises for employees who ...

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