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    1.Identify demographic trends in the US & world. Explain some of the ways in which these trends affect employee relations and retention efforts.

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    //Demographic elements affect various factors of business, as well as, the social scenario. In this study, as per the instructions, we will discuss about demographic trends of US and the world. This is only assistance; you are free to add more, if you find suitable.//

    Answer 1

    Demographic trends in US

    Demographic trends relate to the changes in the demographic factors like age, race & income etc. in a population over a period of time. In US, the population has tripled to 281 million in 2000 from 76 million in 1900. As a result of this, the US has been ranked fourth among the most populous countries. The growth of population in the 1990s is regarded as the biggest numerical increase in any decade in the history of the US.

    House hold in US: From 1950 to 2000, the common house holds comprised of seven or more people and later it declined gradually. From 2000 onwards, the number of people in households reduced to 2 or 3. Apart from this, the married couple house holds reduced to one-half, which were three-fourth in the earlier years. In housing market segments, the minorities are also making inroads (Perry & Paul, 2001).

    In US, there has been an increase in the immigration rate and the birth rate. As a result of this, Hispanics is coming to forefront along with the progress among Asians and Blacks. Apart from this, a significant increase has been observed in the rental and first-time buyer markets.

    Demographic trends in World

    The growth in the world population has shown a slow down from 1970 for the developed and the under developed countries. Even so the decline in growth rate was observed larger for the developed countries. The rate of growth for the less developed countries is 5 times greater than the developed countries in 1980-2001. As a result of this, the underdeveloped ...

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