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    Trends in Training and Development

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    Pick two trends that you think will influence training. Using two Library resources and two internet resources, write a four page paper summarizing this trend, and how you see the trend specifically influencing training and development. Using Microsoft Word, create your paper, and cite any sources.

    Used according to APA format.

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    The most prevalent trends in training and development is the blended learning method which is the combination of virtual technology, in-person classrooms, and onsite hands on training with follow-up reinforcement. Theorists suggest that although technology has changed the corporate employee development mechanism with online training, there is still a fundamental need to train employees face-to-face regardless of how far our society has changed over the years. Most organizations never lose sight of the necessity of face-to-face training. However, the level of convenience with virtual training is phenomenal.

    Trainees can learn their roles and responsibilities conveniently. For example, Dunkin Donuts, according to Raymond Noe (2010) uses the blended learning method in which 60 hours of virtual training informs trainees of the foundation of internal operations of Dunkin Donuts. Trainees will learn how donuts are made, equipment maintenance, food safety, and shift management. A five-week lecture and certificate program is simultaneously led via the online training method (Noe, 2010).

    Another trend that is geared towards generations Y and C is called Gamification in which training is conducted through the use of game driven simulations. The principles of gaming are integrated with a combination of non-gaming scenarios. I would refer to this type of training as simulations. I recall an instance during my undergrad studies in which simulations were used to train students on the fundamentals of supply and demand. Student's took on the role of a CEO for a fictitious company and was required to make decision on how we would handle inventory, budgeting, staffing, hiring, and firing procedures. In most cases we were required to determine the most effective methods or making critical decisions. At the end of the simulation students were given feedback on their handling of the scenario.

    "At Ohio State University, students taking its Women, Culture, and Society course find themselves immersed in Second Life, a ...

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