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Innovation in Training and Development

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Surf the web to find a training and development organization that is future-oriented (some suggested search terms include: "innovation in training and development" or "new technologies for training and development").

Briefly describe the organizations' use of innovation and technology in the training discipline. How well do they appear to meet expectations for where the field of training and development are going in the future, based on what you have learned from this course? What future trend are they missing?

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The company is Strategic Solutions Network (SSN), it provides training for financial services through Training, Development & Learning Technology Innovations for Financial Services. The training it provides has modules like - Next Generation Training & Development
- Thriving in the New Era of Financial Services
- Transforming Traditional Training
- New Methodologies & Tools to Increase Productivity & ROI
- Ensuring Your Training Reflects & Promotes Compliance & Risk Management
- Harnessing Proven Technology Tools to Promote & Enhance Learning.

The company provides tech tools to increase social learning, provides tools for e-learning, and making use of technology for improving job performance. The modules teach learners the use ...

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