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Technology in Education

1. What impact would a "Level of Innovation Use" survey have on training initiatives within your health care?

Would/could this data be used in any follow-up training?

Do you feel this survey is a valid method of measuring innovation adoption?

Evaluate educational technology delivery options and best practices in implementation.

Learning Objective:
Define the impact of Levels of Use (LoU) planning and training.

Discussion question 2
Select a social media site for use in an online classroom. describe in details how you would use this technology and develop best practices for implementation.

Examine new developments in technology and how they may influence design and delivery of teaching.

Learning Objective:
Develop best practices for new technology implementation.

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A level of innovation use survey will have a significant impact on training initiatives for health care personnel, etc. This survey methodology will be very helpful in determining what training initiatives would be the most pertinent for a given situation, by providing important information on what aspects of the training were facilitated and used most often. This survey methodology will also provide important data concerning the non-use of some of the training by the individuals that were trained, which will be helpful in making the determination as to whether providing previously used training material is pertinent to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel in performing their duties. This survey will ...