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Standards and the use of technology to improve math skills.

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The potential for technology to help foster student's creativity and higher-order thinking skills receives special emphasis from the International Society for Technology in Education (I.S.T.E.) (http://www.iste.org/welcome.aspx). Consider what you know about being creative. How do students demonstrate creative thinking in mathematics? Can technology be used to master national or state content standards? What is the nj state standards from mathematics and select one of the standards. (If you are not sure how to find this information, you should be able to locate the standards on your state's Department of Education website. Please see the Iowa Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Indicators webpage as an example.)

Define and describe one of the standards in detail and discuss ways technology can support it.

Will the use of technology create more effective instruction?

Will it foster creativity and higher-order thinking skills?

Will the use of technology impact instruction and/or learning in other ways? Why or why not?

Please I am completely lost, any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Students demonstrate creativity in math when they are able to apply math problems to other areas of academics and to everyday life. Math can be applied to geography by having the students make graphs that compare annual precipitation, income, population, growth and death rates in a number of countries. The use of technology gives students a chance to be more actively involved in their education. Taking in information, making decisions and using their skills to apply knowledge allow students to evaluate their own progress and set personal goals. Technology has given students who have shown little to no interest in education the opportunity to be creative. Many students who were failing have increased ...

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This solution is comprised of over 400 words with references focusing on a required math standard. Includes examples of how technology can improve mathematic skills.

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