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Historical Analysis for Adult Education

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Historical Analysis Table:
Create a visual organizer, such as a table, describing how adult education through distance learning has changed during the past 50 years. Write a 700-word analysis of why some theories, delivery methods, and instructional tools have endured over time. Explain why other theories, methods, and tools have not. Use the information from your visual organizer. Consider how social interaction, during the past 50 years, has influenced adult education in the analysis.

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A historical analysis for adults education is examined.

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Hello, please see the attached file to view an example of a visual organizer.

As seen through the analysis of the graphic organizer, technology evolved over the past fifty years quickly and for the better. With this opportunity, educational institutions from around the globe became challenged with providing increased educational opportunities to students including distant education courses. In its most basic stage, distance education takes place when a teacher and students are separated by physical distance, and technology is used provide the platform for learning to take place. This has literally changed the demographics of higher education because, with this opportunity, many adults were given a second chance to receive an education and earn a degree that they might not have been able to do due to time constraints, physical disability, or inability to physically attend traditional classes because of distance or transportation constraints. With this increase in popularity, it is recognized that distant education needed to be as effective as traditional instruction. After all, when the teaching methods and technologies are used in an effective way, learning will be effective.
Some distant education delivery methods worked better than ...

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