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Future of Technology in Education

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Look ten years into the future and predict how educational technology will be developed and used. Remember to include satellites, fiber optics, Internet, personal recognition devices, and the vast array of personal devices available. Include applications to classrooms, worksite, and distance learning. Consider the effects of technology and accreditation requirements on the future of education.

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The future of educational technology will be many things. iPads is the future of educational technology because I envisioned that iPads will replace personal labtops in the classroom and around the business corporation. Google Glass, a wearable devices that can broadcast event like orthopedic surgery live that can be watched by foreign colleagues around the world on mobile phones and tablets. The Google Glass can be used as a device for broadcasting instruction in the classroom for every students. Tablets will replaced labtops in education and will be used throughout the classroom. The future of technology ...

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The future of educational technology will be many things. iPads, Google Glass, etc. are discussed in 369 words with references.

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