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alternative fuel options

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Should the government subsidize alternative fuel options given all you have learned about expectations and growth? Give special thought to the following two statements: 1) Can technology create a new future and 2) what incentives are needed for business to adopt new technology? Defend your position using economic principles consistent with the ideals and workings of a market based economy.

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Economic Analysis:

In the future economies, growth will be experienced in the business environments. The experience of the economic backdrop has brought about the sustenance of the fuel prices in the current business market. The production levels are bound to increase in the future creating a higher demand for the fuel. This high demand will have to meet through certain financial activities such as the receiving of government subsidies.

The subsidizing of the other fuel options should be undertaken by the government since it will reduce the final prices that will be paid by the buyers. This will lower the cost of living due to the expected growth in the economy. The fluctuations that are being experienced in the oil prices will be mitigated in ...

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