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    Letter to Microsoft asking permission to use screen shots

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    Write a letter to Microsoft® asking permission to use screen shots of its product (e.g., an Office software application) in a user manual. Show examples of the screen shots in question. The letter should follow the full block format with subject-line layout.

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    Running Head: LETTER

    Letter to Microsoft

    From: XYZ
    To: http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/?ws=mscom
    Sub.: Permission to use screen shots
    To Microsoft,
    My name is XYZ and I am creating a learning team as a mentor in my class. There are eight to ten people in my team. To improve the learning of my team in the field of software application I need to use the screen shot of logos of various software applications to include in the instruction manual. The use of screen shots of the ...

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    The expert writes a letter to Microsoft asking permission to use screen shots of its products.