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    How to write a business letter inquiring about a product?

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    Write a business letter to Dell concerning their latest plasma screen asking four questions. Include these four issues:

    1. lifespan
    2. price
    3. possibility of burn-in
    4. shipping

    Be sure to include enough background information, so the reader can answer your questions satisfactorily.

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    Here is a step-wise approach to drafting the letter:

    Step 1: Locate the service department of the tech department of Dell so that you can properly address the letter.

    Step 2: Be polite.

    Step 3: Be sure to ask your relevant questions and the reasons for them.

    Step 4: Provide a friendly conclusion.

    Step 5: Be sure to indicate how Dell can contact ...

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    I provide an easy to follow five-step model for writing a business letter inquiring about any product. Then, I use those five-steps to draft a sample letter illustrating the approach. You should find this posting very helpful.