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    Business proposal letter: importcoffee beans around world.

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    I am in the import of coffee beans, tea and cocoa from around the world mainly developing countries.

    I need help to write a proposal to promote my food-import business to prospective client and may be also to get funding?Please write a one page(max 450 words) proposal letter thÃ??Ã?¡t should talk abit about my business and why the coffee companies should buy my coffee beans, etc. The goal for these proposal is to: introduce the company, highlight the products and/or services in this case, and convince the client that my products are the right choice for their production and also it is worth investing in long term.

    For company details see website-www.evansbrokering.com

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    Dear Sir:

    Are you interested in dealing with an international company that is fast and reliable? A company that is dedicated to customers and protecting the environment? A company interested in developing a relationship with you and the supplier so that more product is sold and all benefit? Evans Resource Brokers can supply your company with top quality coffee beans, tea and cocoa grown at ...

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    This is a sample business proposal letter for importing coffee beans, tea, and cocoa from around the world.