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    Part 1:
    I need assistance developing 3-4 power point slides concerning financial issues, to do a proposal for a new product called "Green Roasted Coffee", on a presentation for the CEO's of Triangle Solutions and their board of directors. Each slide should have 200 words for speaker notes including citations and references.

    Part 2:
    Then I will need 2 pages for the product proposal on the financial aspects for this new product "Green Roasted Coffee".

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    Green Roasted Coffee is a new product selected by Triangle Solutions to offer as part of their product mix. This product will coordinate well with the current products of the company and offer additional options for the customers.
    According to Seven Bridges Cooperative, Green roasted coffee "is a lot like a dry pinto bean- it can be stored for a long time yet still become a fresh and aromatic food item after it is roasted or cooked" (2012). This means that the product will become a staple product for many customers and is a long-term use product rather than a one-time purchase adding to repeat business sales for Triangle Products.
    The following items must be purchased prior to procuring Green Roasted Coffee:
    Item Possible Cost
    Industrial Sized Convection Oven for ...

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