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Business Plan- Coffee processing in Madagascar

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Global Business Venture is to establish a coffee processing plant in the African country of Madagascar

1. Be sure to include the rationale for selecting your target country.

2. Identify potential domestic and international sources of financing for your global venture. Include at least two possible financial institutions within your chosen region.

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Business Plan for Coffee processing in Madagascar are examined.

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1.Be sure to include the rationale for selecting your target country.

Madagascar is a major exporter of Coffee products. Coffee is leading export item for Madagascar. Madagascar has 55 endemic species of coffee, including a bean without caffeine.

Reference: http://nuthatch.typepad.com/beans/2006/04/coffee_growing__1.html

Madagascar is primarily a Robust producer (around 98% of production) with small amounts of Arabica grown in the highlands and efforts are under way to expand its production as the quality potential is ...

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