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Small Business Plan

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A business exists to deliver products or services to the customer. To be successful, it must deliver these profitably and in enough volume to outweigh the costs associated with operating the business. It is important then that this section of the business plan receives careful attention and that the following questions are satisfactorily answered:

What - What will your business be selling to earn profits? What products or services will you provide your customers?
How - How will you provide these products or services? For example, will your business sell wholesale or retail? Will your business provide services for other businesses, or the public?
Where - Where will you provide these products or services? For example, a bricks-and-mortar store, a website, a home-based business, etc.
Who - Who will be involved in producing the products or services? For example, will your business be the only link in the value chain to the customer or will it be only a part of a longer chain?
Why - Why are you providing the products or services? This should link to your mission statement. Why would customers buy your products or services as opposed to others?
After considering these, visit these websites below and choose any one to discuss:

ServiceMasterÃ?®: http://www.servicemaster.com/about-us
Boyd's CoffeeÃ?®: http://www.boyds.com/
Recycle Your FashionsÃ?©: http://www.recycleyourfashions.com/

Discuss the following for any one of the above firms:

1. What - What does this firm provide its customers?
2. How - How does this firm provide its products or services?
3. Where - Where does this firm provide its products or services?
4. Who - Who appears to be involved in this firm's value chain?
5. Why - Why do you feel this firm is providing its products or services? What specific niche does it seek to fill?

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1. The selected firm is Boyd's Coffee. The firm provides its customers with coffees, teas, flavoring syrups, drink mixes, brewing equipment, and soups/soup bases. Boyd's Coffee offers a variety of coffee like the Breakfast Blend, Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Decaffeinated Coffee, Vanilla Coffee, and Organic Coffee. Also, it sells hot beverages, cold beverages, equipment, and condiments.

2. Boyd's Coffee seeks business partners who use Boyd's Coffee equipment and deliver Boyd's Coffee to their customers. These partners include hotels, offices, restaurants, universities, convenience stores, coffee shops, and deli ...

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Pretend that you would like to open your own new business. Create and refine your business concept, define the market potential, and create a well-developed business plans. Define the market (through industry analysis and target market description), describe the products and services as well as organization and management, develop a strategy for marketing and sales, estimate start up costs with sources of funding requirement, develop financial statements (estimates) for their business to enable them to launch the business. The goal is to create a formal business plan suitable for submitting to a potential investor, bank or lending institution, or venture contest.
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Should contain:
 Statement of purpose
 Executive summary
 Mission statement
 Business objectives
 Company description
 Description of staffing (key Personnel)

 Analysis of the real industry
 Analysis of the virtual enterprise industry
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o Price
o Placement
o Promotion
o Target market
o Market segmentation

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Strengths & Weaknesses
 External Audit:
Opportunities & Threats
 Discussion of Business Risks

 Location
 Explanation of how
the firm (as relevant
to the business):
o Acquires products/ services
o Stores products
o Distributes products/service

 Balance sheet (actual dollar amounts as of Nov. 30th compared to projected dollar amounts for fiscal year)
 3- Year projected income
 1-Year projected cash flow
 Break-even analysis
 Explanation of financials
 The projections that support
the business plan

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