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Starting a Small Farm

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1. Could a farmer use the concepts of learning from others and taking over from others? Be specific.

2. Is a business plan as necessary for starting a small farm as it is for starting a small retail store? What are the differences, if any?

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1. Could a farmer use the concepts of learning from others and taking over from others? Be specific.

Farmers are business men and like other business men research other farms to see what are the most effective crop and yields. They also go to Agri-schools and Universities to learn from others. The past is also a good place to learn lessons from those gone before you. For example, in one report, it says it this way:

"American farmers approached the 21st century with some of the same problems they encountered during the 20th century. The most important of these continued to be overproduction. As has been true since the nation's founding, continuing improvements in farm machinery, better seeds, better fertilizers, more irrigation, and effective pest control have made farmers more and more successful in what they do (except for making money). And while farmers generally have favored holding down ...

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The idea of farmers using the concepts of learning is discussed. As well, the necessity of a business plan for starting a small farm is explored as compared to starting a small retail store, and the potential differences, if any. Supplemented with an article on starting a small farm.

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