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Government subsidies for farmers: small vs large farms

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1. Government subsidies for farmers are suppose to assist the small and middle-sized farmers in maintaining their agriculture enterprise; however critics are of the opinion that the subsidies are more for the larger farmers who have the resources and funding. Please provide additional information on government subsidies and the positive or negative affects on small, middle, and large farmers?

2. What are some strategies a small farm would have to use that perhaps a larger farm would not have to consider in order to be competitive?

3. There are any special problems a farmer might have in starting a business versus other small business owners?

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1) Government subsidies are to aid an organization, in this case a farmer, with financial support in order to offset decline in production or federal government policies. To a large degree subsidies in my opinion have a negative effect on all sizes of farms. In fact, the use of subsidies goes against the concept of free ...

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Government subsidies for small versus large farms are discussed. The strategies small farms use to keep competitive are analyzed.

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