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    Business Plan

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    "Make recommendations to the viability of your business plan".

    The business is a coffee shop in Venezuela. I am using coffee, art, crafts and pastries from local farmers and residents.

    Description of organization

    Our company, is an American coffee business bringing coffee products of the highest quality to the public through cafés located throughout the United States. Our goal is to present an exceptional product by using only the highest quality materials and employing uncompromising standards. As a business organization, we embrace diversity with the understanding that our cultural and ethnic backgrounds gives us creative advantages, also realizing new processes can result when people with different ideas come together and collaborate. It strives to give back to the communities where its franchises are located and is concerned with the environment. It is considered an ecologically friendly company that recognizes its responsibilities as a leader in the coffee retail business. We are committed to purchasing from the local Colombian coffee bean farming communities thereby contributing to the local economy.

    Description of product/service

    Our product and services include the sales of coffee drinks which include specialty coffee drinks, espressos, lattes as well as iced beverages. The cafés also include "homemade" pastries and breads from local community distributors, and arts and crafts from the local artisans. Local music is also promoted, where the CD's of local artists are sold in the stores. To conclude, we strive to bring a premium line of coffees with aspirations of expanding into South America, specifically the northern territory thereby increasing distribution channels and aiming to become a global company with a well recognized brand name.

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    Viability of the Business Plan:

    STEP 1
    1. In Venezuela preliminary market research shows that there is an excellent demand for coffee drinks like iced coffee, espressos and pastries.
    2. There is also a healthy demand for CDs of local singers and performers.
    3. Not only in Venezuela but in the entire South America there is a demand for coffees and CDs and music.
    4. In addition our American name will give us good brand ...

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