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    Issues in reaching a consensus on a business plan

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    What were the biggest problems in reaching a consensus on the business plan? How were your differences resolved?

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    Business Plan

    In general, a business plan is a written document that depicts the business of an organization whether small or large and draws elaborated projections about the future of its business. The major part of business plan deals with the financial part of the business. In addition, it provides the information regarding the owner of the company, the primary company employees and employees that may be employed in the future (Business Plan).

    Business plan can also be written in anticipation of acquiring a loan, or as a way to get funding for business from a venture capitalist and it may be written strictly for internal use. A business plan is a way of measuring the present status of the company, of ascertaining where the company will go in the future. There are many problems that organizations face at the time of making their business plan but subsequent are some ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 547 Words, APA References