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    Consensus on a business plan and project planning

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    What were the biggest problems in reaching a consensus on the business plan? How were your differences resolved?
    Integrate and apply knowledge gained in other courses in the business administration curriculum.

    Use team and problem-solving skills to collaborate on a project.

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    The biggest problem in reaching a consensus on the business plan is obviously the vast difference in the corporate culture of Able Corporation and its new parent, ie, Walden International. Able is a traditional, family based business with little or no trait of a progressive and modern business entity whereas Walden is a bottom line focused modern business entity.

    Able's top management have their own vested interests in the current strategy and its employees are well accustomed to the traditional management style with minimal focus on modern business issues such as quality, customer centric marketing approach,etc.

    Thus, the conflict between the proposed strategies of Walden International and the current strategy of Able Corporation is bound to happen. Walden's focus on improving the short term quarterly results with enhanced focus on quality and innovation, improved marketing practices and focus on new and emerging segments in the power tool industry conflicts with the ongoing strategy of Able. ...

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    Problems related to reaching a consensus on the business plan are discussed, along with their resolution in this 660 word solution.