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    Globalization of Business and Managing People

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    The globalization of business has brought a wealth of styles, cultures, and languages to the workplace, as well as an increase in workplace conflicts and misunderstandings. What is your strategy for managing people who believe strategically differently from you?

    How would your strategy change if: (a) To win is everything; (b) No one should "lose face;" (c) Consensus is the only way to reach agreement; (d) Being emotional in a negotiating session is good; or (e) it is not important to know facts or details. Address both ethical and competitive advantage justifications for your position.

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    My core strategy for managing people who believe strategically different from me is to find ways to arrive at consensus on different organizational matters by providing ample opportunity to each individual for expressing their views, opinions, ideas and feedback and allowing individuals to brainstorm with each other to arrive at a consensual decision in an unbiased and fair manner accepted by all the employees. It is important for me to provide due respect and importance to each individual's style, culture, language and thinking. At the same time, I need to ensure that a consensus is arrived by handling conflicts in a constructive manner. I will be ethically correct by providing ample opportunities for participation and by ...

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