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Why are the themes of managing teams, managing multiculturalism, managing globalization, managing ethics, and managing with metrics so important today?
Are these challenges likely to decrease in importance over the next decade? Why
or why not?

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The themes of managing teams, managing multiculturalism, managing globalization, managing ethics and managing metrics is so important today for many reasons. One, teamwork is needed for any organization to succeed in meeting the needs of others locally and globally. When one manages others effectively, whether it is in person or online, then this brings about unity within the organization itself. Two, multiculturalism and globalization are unavoidable because of how rich each culture is around the world, and the internet makes it possible for people to get to know each other, and to build relationships in expanding a business worldwide. Organizations that are sensitive to others can make a ...

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This solution discussed why themes of managing teams, multiculturalism, globalization, ethics and metrics are important today as well as the challenges that can cause them to likely decrease over the next decade possibly.

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