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    Significance of Business Continuity Plan

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    What is a business continuity plan? How does a business continuity plan relate to the organization's mission? How can you judge the implications of the absence of a business continuity plan?

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    Significance of Business Continuity Plan

    Business Continuity Plan

    Business Continuity Plan is also known as Contingency Planning and is the capability of a business firm to go on with its operations with negligible interruption in the advent of natural or designed calamities like earthquakes, fires, floods, theft, failure of equipments, terrorist attacks and riots. Business Continuity plan starts with a plan that takes all the future risks and their resolutions in the form of secure schemes, which are essential for the survival of business operations.

    This plan can also be defined as a process of recognition of the practical applications, customers and positions that a business contrives to continue operating even in the happening of such turbulent events as described above. This identification of practical application involves planning in the fields of business hardware, software, facilities, personnel, abstraction links and ...

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    The response investigates how a business can relate its continuity plan to the organisational mission and how one can judge the implications of the absence of such a plan. Solution is very clearly presented and consists of 530 words with 2 cited references.