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    FEMA 3 Disaster Management concepts

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    In an essay of 3-5 pages (APA Format) discuss the significance of the following 3 Disaster Management concepts:
    1. Whole Community Doctrine
    2. Open for Business
    3. The Strategic Foresight Initiative

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    1. Whole Community Doctrine

    Consider the Whole Community Doctrine as a part of the primary action plan for effective disasters management and relief protocol. The Whole Community Doctrine is a part of the overall foundation mechanism that supports the individual preparedness and engaging elements necessary for members of the community to "contribute" in variety of ways. Thus, the importance to the Whole Community Doctrine outlines the needed resiliency and security of the Nation through the term stated as Whole Community Doctrine Strategy.

    Try and think the members of the emergency management team and the local communities as working towards a common goal to identify, react positive and implement strategies that reduces overall maximum destruction. The Whole Community Doctrine provides the needed national communication matrix to facilitate key areas of concern and the pathways for required action upon such disasters in hard hit communities.

    Make note the FEMA approach utilizes the National Governor's Association that is geared towards facilitating many aspects during a disaster, thus, the phase of disaster model does aim to assist managers within the team, primarily to ...

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    The review into the FEMA 3 Disaster Management Concepts, such as, Whole Community Doctrine, Open for Business, The Strategic Foresight Initiative.