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    Disaster Relief Communication Globally

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    Prepare a 1,050 word paper in which you analyze the dynamics created by organizations external to the business (e.g., Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), non-governmental organizations, local law enforcement, National Guard, Red Cross, Red Crescent, State Department, UN, World Bank) and their influence on business continuity planning. Be sure to differentiate the roles and impact of formal and informal stakeholders of these organizations. Be sure to reference at least four academic articles the Internet, or other sources properly cited.

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    Business Continuity Planning. Disaster Relief Communication Globally. This paper examines the role that external organizations play in disaster relief communication efforts across the globe. These organizations greatly impact the choices that are made and the resources that are available to the various countries that are affected by disasters. Their roles are integral in business continuity planning, both in the aftermath and the proactive prevention and support of disaster relief. Without these various external organizations, disaster relief would be left solely up to the governments or humanitarian organizations in the individual countries affected, and disaster relief would be hindered. These organizations influence business continuity planning through their constant involvement in research and development of processes to predict what resources are necessary for the proper assistance and partnering of their resources.