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    Disaster Mitigation: Reasons

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    In an essay of 3-5 pages) APA Format) discuss the reasons you would present to a community forum for investing in disaster mitigation measures to reduce the impact of any 2 of the following types of disasters
    1. Tornadoes
    2. Earthquakes
    3. Wild Fire
    4. Floods

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    The community should invest in disaster mitigation measures to reduce the impact of tornadoes. The tornadoes have a negative impact on the people who are affected and disaster mitigation is required to reduce the impact of tornadoes. If disaster mitigation measures are inadequate, the communities are devastated. They lose their homes, shelter, and require urgent life saving support. They require shelter, food, water, and medicine. If disaster mitigation measures are not in place, people get injured, trapped under debris, and are killed. Homes are destroyed by tornadoes. Disaster mitigation measures help reduce damage, provide essential food, and shelter. Disaster mitigation measures also prevent breakdown of electricity, communication, and roads for a long period of time (1). Disaster mitigation is a necessity in a civilized society that is prone to be hit by tornadoes. Tornadoes are a violently rotating column of air that spins while in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud. Most tornadoes have wind speeds close to 110 miles per hour. The strongest tornadoes can rip large buildings off their foundations and can deform large skyscrapers. Tornadoes cause injury during the storm. Unless mitigation facilities are in place, a great deal of harm occurs. Without planned mitigation measures people trying to rescue others clean up, ...

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