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    Flood Disaster Mitigation

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    Describe mitigation measures that have been implemented to address the disaster that you selected for your country.
    Identify and briefly describe at least one additional measure that has not been implemented but would mitigate against your selected disaster.
    Evaluate this mitigation strategy using the FEMA criteria

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    To describe mitigation measures that have been used to address flooding and flood disasters, it is first important to understand that the process of mitigating the effects of a natural disaster are actually based on the cause and effect relationship that exist in nature. In other words, there is always some process or mechanism in nature that causes an "event" (what we refer to as a disaster) and mitigations are whatever actions that are taken to remove or at least reduce the negative impacts of such events on people. All natural disaster mitigations are based on some understanding of the fundamental cause of the disaster (event). If one knows what processes are responsible for or control an occurrence (event), then he can decide on what measures can be taken to outright stop the event (usually not likely) or at least significantly reduce its impact (more likely).
    To mitigate the effects of flooding we therefore need to understand what processes cause flooding. In coastal regions for instance, flooding can be the result of underwater earthquakes that create giant inland bound waves called Tsunamis. Mitigation for this kind of flooding event can be achieved by performing Tsunami drills and generally educating the local inhabitants of the ...

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    Mitigation strategies for flooding disasters require an understanding of active processes in nature causing such events.