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    Mitigation Measures in Mississippi

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    Mitigation is action taken to eliminate or reduce the impact of hazards which exist within a community.

    What mitigation measures would you recommend for your community?
    Describe the topology, types of hazards. A natural disaster? A potential man-made disaster?

    What would you base your decisions on?

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    Mitigation Measures and Your Community
    To describe the topology and types of hazards (natural or man-made) of Lexington Mississippi, it is first important to understand what "topology" refers to or attempts to describe. Kang-tsung Chang (2006), in his book titled "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems", described topology as "the study of those properties of geometric objects that remain invariant under certain transformations such as bending or stretching." He illustrated this concept with a basic rubber band noting that it (a rubber band) could be stretched and bent without it losing its intrinsic property of being a closed circuit as long as the transformation does not exceed its elastic limits. In other words, topology essentially describes how a change in shape of a geometric object on a map for instance, affects the shape of neighboring ...

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    Natural disaster hazard mitigations are described and related topology in parts of Mississippi.