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Megacity disasters

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Please answer the following questions:

1. Describe impediments for disaster prevention in megacities, as discussed by Wenzel (2006).

2. For each of the impediments discussed in #1, provide specific examples of these impediments in recent earthquake disasters. Describe strategies for addressing these impediments in your specific examples.

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According to Wenzel's web site (http://www.emi-megacities.org/?page=products&content=243) the MEGA-Index is used to gauge the impediments to disaster prevention. This covers both Urban Seismic Risk Index (USRi) and Disaster Risk Management Index (DRMi). The DRMi indicates whether good risk management efforts are underway. The USRi considers possible earthquake damage, both economically, physically and socially.

See this web site:
for a discussion of mega cities and recent earthquakes in them. It mentions the January 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake, which struck Kobe, ...

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Earthquakes and impediments to mitigation strategies in megacities