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    Impact on human and natural disasters

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    Expert Patience Cox - In an essay of 2-3 pages (APA Format) discuss the reasons why authors and researchers are so concerned about both natural and human caused disasters and how both might impact the economies of not just the area where they occur but of other nations around the world.

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    Consider the impact on natural resources that reduces consumption in the open market for commerce to the masses of people. Natural causes can relate to many things that deter normal economic business activities, such as, weather or drought. Focus on the main reoccurring natural disasters that occurs during seasonal year, in which, the impact ranges toward restricting daily commerce that matters to the bottom-line. For example, in your research to indicate how weather alone stops commerce because of the inability to delivery goods and services, i.e., hurricanes shut down businesses that operates in public places for commerce. In addition, the focus on tornadoes completely destroys, thus, the buildings are not stable or complete gone from existence as well as halfway standing.

    Even the natural occurrences of earthquakes that although the usage of the Richter Scale assists in early alert notifications at times the unforeseen spike in frequencies to the intensities can impact greater. Try and think of ...

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    The review into impact on human and natural disasters is provided. The impact on the economies of human and natural disasters are discussed.