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Social Psychology

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Go to the Social Psychology Network located at http://www.socialpsychology.org/. Spend some time reviewing the information contained in the Web site. Based on what you learned, what do you feel are the biggest issues in the field of social psychology?

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This solution discusses issues in the field of social psychology

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Social psychology is concerned with the manner in which others influence thoughts, behaviors and attitudes. Hence, as a science social psychology is focused on empirical studies in attempts to understand complex human behavior (Baron, Byrne & Branscombe, 2006). However, Social psychology is interested in many factors that interplay to shape human behavior. What has become a pervasive and important issue is prosocial behavioral acts that benefit others. Research is often focused on prosocial behavior is why people will help in specific situations and not in others such as responding to an emergency. However, in a broader sense, a pressing question is why people stop providing help in the aftermath of such emergencies such as natural disasters.

For example, research indicates that natural disasters result in evoking tendencies of people to help immediately after the impact of a natural disaster, but the help is often short lived (Kaniasty, 2012). Guided by a general theory of social support and research on coping with trauma, Kaniasty examined the aspects of post disaster social support after a large flood. He presents evidence that ...

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