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Sociology of Disasters: Man-made Vs. Natural Disasters

Compare and Contrast natural disasters and man-made disasters: their social implications, public reaction, media reaction, and government response. Do not compare and contrast specific disasters , rather the differences and similarities between natural and man-made disasters in general. You can provide examples to support your claims.

I could use some help on this. I'm drawing a blank here. I know the differences. I just need help organizing the information and getting some assistance in this. I don't want the PP done for me. I just need an outline or some help with organization and such.

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Natural disasters are adverse events, broad in scope, caused by the elements of or around the Earth. These can include storms, tornadoes, tsunamis' earthquakes, meteor strikes, or hurricanes.

Man-made disasters are adverse events caused by the actions or inaction of humans. These include wars, bombings, plane crashes, global events, riots, and bridge collapses ( or buildings) caused by poor or dangerous engineering failures. Mass executions, mass poisonings, fires, oil spills, and environmental disasters (nuclear plant meltdowns) are included.

In both, death, injury, and destruction occur. This forces societies to examine the causes and come up with ways ...

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The following posting contrasts man-made disasters with natural disasters. The concepts discussed include social implications, public reaction, media reaction and government response.