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    Technological Disasters

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    Review the five categories of technological disasters. Give real life examples, of how on a smaller scale each of these categories of disasters might occur and affect the project.

    a) Human factors : A real life example aircraft accident, there was the aircraft accident that happen in Brazil , Kentucky and these small planes dropping like a stone. Many of these accidents happen because of fuel starvation, misjudgment of the pilot or aircraft malfunction. The affect that this may cause are loss of lives, loss of resources, conflict, corruption and also ineffective policies.
    b) Design factors:
    c) Organizational System Factors
    d) Socio-Cultural Factors
    e) Technological Terrorism

    2) What are the key differences between technological and natural disasters? Pick up real life examples of the two and prepare a summary on this topic.

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    1. You have done a good job with a, although you need to make some grammatical changes (eg affect should be effect). I don't understand how the accident could cause corruption or ineffective policies. Do you mean that corruption was a cause of the accident? You will also need to answer the question "how might each of these affect the project?" since I don't know ...