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Initiative Drivers for Emergency Management

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Choose two drivers from the list of nine initiative drivers and explain how the two selected have the greatest impact on the costs of managing disasters and therefore on the economy.

Differentiate your selected drivers from the other non-selected drivers and carefully support your position.

Are there ways to further enhance or enhance the effect and resultant impact of your selected drivers? If so, do state.

A minimum of three pages and maximum of five (including introduction and conclusion), not including cover and reference pages, both of which are required.

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Initiative Drivers for Emergency Management 
I. Introduction
Today's strategic environment is characterized by borderless and unconventional threats, long-term trends, and various global challenges. In an era where everything is becoming more complicated and uncertain, there are various forces of change, or "initiative drivers" that have helped shape our world today.
In attempts to explore these "initiative drivers", organizations such as the Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI) have employed an analytical framework to study which among these drivers have the potential to create the greatest impact on the costs of managing disasters. The results of the studies will help determine which could most significantly shape the future of emergency management.

II. Initiative Drivers that Impact Future Emergency and Disaster Management
The following are the nine initiative drivers classified into three groups:
A. Social and Technological Drivers
1. Changes in the role of individuals. The advances in technology have helped individuals become more informed and empowered in the way they communicate and join likeminded people in social media or other "virtual" groups than in their local community.
2. Dependency on technology. Various technological innovations have influenced the country's emergency and disaster management. However, too much dependency on them may hamper operations in case of cyber attack.
3. Accessibility to information. The new information and communications technology continue to improve information delivery that can be accessed at real-time from anywhere in the world.
4. US demographic shifts. The US population is rising in its numbers brought about by the influx of Hispanic and Asian population. Also, the country's ageing population (over 65 years old) is expected to increase to 18.2 percent in 2025.

B. Environmental Driver
5. Climate/environmental change. The implications of climate change in the United States show coastal areas to be at risk, water resources problems, new threats to people's health, and other issues due to climate and environmental changes.

C. Economic and Political Drivers
6. Global interdependencies/globalization. Among the threats and challenges to the country's stability are the shift in economic power, disruptions in global supply chain and the increasing global ...

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