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    Business plan is important, outline of elements of a business plan

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    Say you aquired an auto detailing business and the business has experienced rapid growth where you need need to ask the bank for more financial help. You won't be able to get a loan without a solid business plan, but you are unsure exactly what the bankers are looking for:

    Prepare an outline of the elements you would need to include in a business plan

    What do bankers, lenders, or investors want to see in a business plan?

    And what advice can you give someone when they are ready to present a business plan to a banker?

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    It has been said that the ability to effectively communicate ideas is the key to getting
    those ideas recognized by the right people, namely the people in power or the people with the
    money. Indeed, the goal of a business plan is to formally articulate the strategic direction for

    While effective communication is an important skill and a necessity in the business
    world, there are other reasons to design a business plan. These reasons attract even small
    business owners to the possibilities of designing such a plan. For one, well-written business
    plans typically attract investors. So while many would argue that numbers and statistics are the
    least important component of the business plan, the single most important group of people with
    whom it is essential to share strategy are the investors. These investors may be banks, friends,
    relatives, or even ...

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    The importance of business plans are determined. The expert outlines the elements of a business plan.