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Project Management Plan and Charter

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Lets say that your company is considering the deployment of a wireless communications system to support its project managers in the field, giving them remote mobile text access to important company resources. In the 1st part, you will prepare a charter for this project, including important standard charter elements. After the charter is ratified by the stakeholders, can you create a project plan. In the 2nd part ,will you outline and discuss the relative importance of the standard elements of a plan. Can you also prepare advice to your company, providing project-specific planning detail relating to any of the initiating and planning process groups and the nine knowledge areas.

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Project Charter and Plan Outline

Project Title and Description:
Wireless Communication System: For many of our managers in the field, getting information quickly has been difficult because of their distance from information resources and configuration of the information system. It has been determined through a business study that deploying a wireless communications system can help by providing them with remote access through text to many of the resources they require, eliminating downtime to acquire the needed information. It will also help control costs of labor, who often have to put aside their own work to find and send the information to the manager in the field.

Project Manager and Authority Level
IT Director XX. (S)he has the authority to assign labor and budgets to the project, make changes, and schedule project needs.

Business Case for Project (problem)
When people do not have access to the right information in a timely manner, the company suffers with the possibility of mistakes and changes that need to be made. This in turn causes costs in time, scheduling of projects, and risks that are unnecessary. This project will give managers in the field another tool to help them have the right information at the right time.

Resources (how many and what kind)
Three IT group members, Stanley, Arthur, and Casey are assigned to the project because of their expertise in mobile communications. ...

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A review of the charter for a project is outlined as is the project plan and its needs.

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