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    Team conflict resolution and learning team charter

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    I just need examples

    please help fill out this learning team charter. I have attached the one that we used at the beginning. Just as an example.

    Learning Team Charter

    As your Learning Team has worked together, you have had the opportunity to communicate, to make decisions, to face conflict, and to pursue the goals.

    1. Identify and describe the following components of the Learning Team Charter completed in Week Two:

    a. Portions of the Learning Team Charter that establish team structure

    b. Portions of the Learning Team Charter that set expectations for team processes

    c. Portions of the Learning Team Charter that lay out team goals

    2. Explain how the Learning Team used its structure, processes, and goals. Were the structures, processes, and goals laid out in the Learning Team Charter effective? If so, explain why. If not, describe how structure, processes, and goals could have been better defined in the Learning Team Charter. Identify alternative structures, alternative processes, and alternative goals.

    2 team member did not participate, they were always late.

    3. Rate the effectiveness of your Learning Team performance. Explain what the team did well and what opportunities for improvement exist. Describe and evaluate the efficiency with which team members worked together.

    4. Brainstorm specific changes that should be made to the charter. List at least four possible changes for each of the following areas:

    a. Learning Team Goals

    b. Ground Rules

    c. Conflict Management

    5. Use one of the decision-making techniques that you learned explain why you made the chosen revisions for each area of the charter.

    a. Learning Team Goals

    b. Ground Rules

    c. Conflict Management

    Also please see attachment


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    Solution Preview

    I have below a good example of what should be presented in the learning team charter that UoP likes to use. I use this for my own courses (3 more to go and I'm Dr. Heck). I hope this helps:

    Course Title CUR 722 All team members participated in the creation of this charter and agree with its contents (Please check) 
    Course Dates

    Team Members/Personal Information
    Name Phone Fax Email
    Chandra B
    Katina B
    Lisa C
    Christine Heck
    Kendra O

    Team Member Skill Inventory

    Chandra B I am proficient in APA formatting, researching, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
    Katina B I enjoy researching and writing. I can work in Word and Powerpoint, Excel, not so much.

    Lisa C Proficient with APA formatting, Word, PowerPoint. I work well in editing and like deadlines.

    Christine Heck I am proficient in APA formatting, Word, Power Point, Excel, Access, and Project. I enjoy proofing for APA issues and creating graphics for projects, including charts and graphs.

    Kendra O I enjoy doing research and I love Powerpoint presentations.

    Learning Team Goals

    Ø Finish the assignment at least three days before submission date to give ample time for proofreading, editing and revision;
    Ø Submit the assignments one day before the due date to avoid any kind of delay;
    Ø Team members will support each other;
    Ø Open communication, everyone participates, and provide positive constructive feedback; if a situation arises, the member has a responsibility to notify at least one member of the team, who will explain any absence to the rest of the team;
    Ø Create an environment that allows team members to have fun during this learning experience;
    Ø Each member will contribute his/her fair share to the project and respond in a timely manner to the threads developed for each project;
    Ø Decisions ...

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    Learning team charters and how to create rules to ensure conflict resolution in a learning team environment.