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    Conflict: Sources and Resolution

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    Identify some of the sources of conflict often experienced in teams. Select one of the sources and describe an exercise the team could utilize to overcome the conflict.

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    According to Sagepub.com, conflict is a sign of a healthy team interaction and it is perfectly normal that teams experience different types of conflict. However, most of the times, conflicts are not handled well to create understanding and acceptance of one another in the team. Oftentimes, wrong decisions are being done such as avoiding conflict instead of managing it effectively.

    It is important that conflicts be analyzed such as learning about its sources and the types of different conflicts as well as how to solve them in the best possible way. Causes of conflict can be either healthy or unhealthy to the members.

    Healthy causes of conflict are manifested in focusing on task issues and not on personal issues; legitimate or reasonable differences of opinions by the members; team members' conflicting values and perspectives; and the different expectations about the impact of decisions. Legitimate conflicts caused by differences in opinions, values, objectives, motives, and actions of the team members as well as different expectations of the results of decisions can lead to conflicting opinions on how the team should go on doing what they are going to do next and how to go about with it.

    Unhealthy sources of conflict can be shown when there is competition of members over rewards, power and resources; differences in individual and team goals; team meetings not run well; personal grudges on other members over past issues; and ...

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