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Team Management Situations

Due to cutbacks at the company you work for, the division you manage recently merged with another division to minimize costs. Your division works in teams the majority of the time, and due to the merger, new members have been added to each team. One of your team members comes to you upset about the merger. She feels as though other team members are shutting her out and will not listen to her.

Can you help me answer the questions listed below:

- How would you handle this situation?
- What steps can you take to ensure that she is heard?

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The first step is to assure her you value her input and you do listen to her. Make sure she understands your needs and how the group/team is set up. From there, open a line of communication that allows her to see you in an open door manner whenever she feels as though colleagues are not listening. Offer her suggestions for making herself heard in a manner that is professional.

At any future team meetings, facilitate to hear what is said and who is saying it. Ask for ...

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The expert examines team management situations. The steps you can take to ensure that she is heard is determined.