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    Using Project Risk Management

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    Please just pick one topic below and use Project Risk Management Plan point to develop the question.

    1. Develop a risk management plan for school as a school authority - take an example of the recent gun shoot incident in the United States.

    2. Image yourself in the role of a president and look at the case of the recent gun shoot incident in the United States.

    Project Risk Management Plan - All data on CNN.

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    The first step in establishing a formal, effective and efficient risk management plan to prevent incidents such as the recent gun shoot and other safety, security, health, etc. related issues in the school should be to set up a dedicated committee or risk management team in the school. This dedicated team will ensure effective implementation of risk management practices in various areas.

    The risk management committee or team, in order to initiate the risk management process, will develop a list of potential risks that can occur, the probability of occurrence of each and potential impact of such risks with the help of school staff. The team will invite suggestions, feedback and opinions on the various risks and develop a ranking of the various risks based on the above mentioned factors. Once such a list is developed, the team will invite feedback on potential risk management strategy for various risks and finalize backup, contingency or risk management strategies to mitigate the impact of such risks. This is a risk management process that the schools should follow in order to establish an effective risk management plan in the school.

    Now, let us evaluate the various areas that such a plan should address. ...

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    The project risk management is used to develop school authority is examined. The role of a president in a gun shoot incident in the United States is provided.