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    Budgeting Time and Valuing Risk Management

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    Budgeting Time
    1. Justify the time it takes to put together a budget for a human resource project.
    2. Support your justification by creating a hypothethical example of a human resource project. Relate specific elements of your example to support your justification.

    Valuing Risk Management
    1. Rank risk management in importance among the previous planning elements of budgeting, resourcing, scheduling. WBS and scope planning, Justify the ranking.
    2. Create a scenario where the value of risk managment would be minimal. Explain why.

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    Managing budgeting time is imperative for businesses to meeting projections for completing projects that are aimed to improving the organizations more efficiently. In doing so, the budgeting process can entails a short time or long periods of needed allotment of time for proceeding head to accomplishing planned objectives. Outlining the key elements required in completing the planned objectives provides sufficient framework of needed time to effectively budgeting correctly.

    Let's take a look into budgeting time justification:

    1. Justify the time it takes to put together a budget for a human resource project.

    Once the project is identified within the framework of the size relating to the human resource project, the assessment to budgeting time justification is more on point of accuracy. For instance, the business organization has 2,000 employees with a need for expanding the IT department by 200 employees due to expanding operations in a new country. Thus, the human resources department needs more time to conduct research, selection, recruitment, and training for implementation to expanding ...

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