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Schedule and cost control techniques

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The CIO wants to make sure that your project schedule is accurate, that the project doesn't bring big surprises that are not planned for, and that he can be sure that what is needed gets accomplished. Write a memo to him assuring him of how all these things are controlled-- explain the value of PERT estimating, Risk Matrices and Earned Value Management and how they assist in:

- The scheduling and controlling of a project
- Making project and segment trade offs

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The expert examines schedules and cost control techniques.

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Date : January 30, 2010
To : [Name]
Chief Information Officer
From : [Name]
Subject : Project Management Tools

In project management, one of the key success factors is how in control the project manager and team are of the project's schedule from the get-go. Fortunately, there are several project management tools which can aid the project team in ensuring that the project's schedule is controlled and that what is needed gets accomplished when it should be. Three of these tools ...

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