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Individual and Team Learning

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When is it appropriate to learn individually and when is it appropriate to learn as a member of a team? Write a 400-600-word paper on this topic.

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Interesting question! Let's take a closer look at the two approaches to learning and when one would be more appropriate than the other. I also attached two highly informative article, one on individual learning and the other on the team approach to learning for further expansion.


1. When is it appropriate to learn individually and when is it appropriate to learn as a member of a team? Write a 400-600-word paper on this topic.

Some types of learning situations and organizational philosophies (systemic approach) are more appropriate for individual learning, while others demand a team-learning environment. However, the team approach to learning also includes members setting individual goals which need to align with the team goals. so, in some situations, both are appropriate. However, resources also play a part,(time, money and human resources), as the team approach can be just as effective in some situations, and be more cost effective then individual learning.

For professional development, for example, learn individually is appropriate, although group/team learning is also appropriate for some 'individual' learning projects, such as practicing communication skills. As workers take more control over their own career destiny, individual learning/training and development are becoming more important in recruiting and retention: "workers in all occupations want to maintain their skills, knowledge, and capacity to make their own career choices. Employers eager to attract and hold top talent will use workforce-learning opportunities more strategically to build a stable workforce of high-capability employees". (1)

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This solution explins when it is appropriate to learn individually and when it is appropriate to learn as a member of a team. Supplemented with two highly informative articles on learning.

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