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    Asking for A but rewarding B

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    There are few questions to answer after reading the case
    Evaluate the proposed BSC as follows:
    a.From the Discussion section or the BSC literature, what are good criteria to evaluate the BSC measures? How well does the draft scorecard meet the criteria that were stated?

    b.Evaluate the draft scorecard in Table 1. How well does it meet the criteria that were stated? List the major shortcomings.

    c.What information is needed for these measures?

    d.For each measure, determine the level of analysis (i.e., individual, business team, or company).

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    Good Criteria
    A. Some of the measurement tools which can be used to evaluate the BSC measures include: financial reports (both monthly and the final annual report), individual records kept within the business team, rating surveys on completed projects, records of new clients per each business team.

    Criteria Met?
    Since this scorecard is designed to promote the business team, more of the scorecard's measurement which pertain to the team efforts, as apposed to the individual's efforts, should be considered. This can be affected by weighting or through eliminating some of the individual's measurements, as the scorecard has already done.

    Scorecard Evaluation
    B. The scorecard drafted by the COO is an excellent draft tool for the final project. The other members of the "scorecard team" have offered some needed refinements, and the determination of how much or whether to include those measurements mentioned must be considered as ...

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    Elite Engineering is attempting to implement a team concept. Nothing has worked in the past and top executives get together to create a "Balanced Scorecard."