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Mentor's Guide Five Strategies for Facilitating Learning

The Mentor's Guide lists five specific strategies for facilitating learning (asking questions, reformulating statements, summarizing, listening for silence, and listening reflectively).

Discuss any of these strategies with which you are familiar, as well as your experience with the ease of the strategies' use and effectiveness.

Choose one, if any, with which you are unfamiliar, and try using it in a conversation with a mentee or other adult colleague. Explain your experience.

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The following are familiar concepts: "asking questions," "reformulating statements," "summarizing," "listening for silence," and "listening reflectively." Each are required in order to be a good listener as well as to facilitate learning.

Asking questions is the act of seeking out new information by which to make sense of a concept under study. Reformulating statements is how a listener takes the answer given to a question and restates it to be sure s/he understood it. Summarizing is rephrasing in one's own ...

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The mentor's guide five strategies for facilitating learning is examined.